New Xbox Experience Update is Available for Xbox One, ahead of Xbox Series X|S launch

Microsoft begins rolling out a streamlined user interface for Xbox One users that will be available on the Xbox Series X next month.

Back in August, Microsoft detailed a new unified Xbox experience that would soon make its debut on Xbox consoles and mobile devices. Xbox Insiders have been able to test a redesigned Xbox One dashboard and Guide for quite some time, and now this new experience is available for everyone with the freshly-released October 2020 Update for the Xbox One.

The changes this UI update brings start with a new sign-in experience that leads to a refreshed home screen. Here, users can find their games arranged above an updated My Games & Apps icon that randomly highlights three titles installed on the console. On top of that, the update makes it so gameplay clips and screenshots immediately go to users’ phones.

On the Profile page, there’s now the option to set up a background theme, though there’s not a lot of options right now. The Xbox app on Windows 10 has a similar feature, and it’s nice to have some consistency across the two platforms.

The changes are designed to allow Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S users to move between their game/media libraries, their friends lists, and more with greater ease. To that end, Microsoft has optimized the UI to perform better than before. Like the company said in August, the new Xbox experience has been streamlined to boot up, load into games, and come back from those games in less time, all while using up to 40 percent less memory than before.

Some of the new features aren’t available to Xbox One users because they’ll utilise a number of the Xbox Series X/S’s unique features like Quick Resume, and will be exclusive to next-gen consoles.

Microsoft has stressed that the UI overhaul is a “shared experience across Xbox One and Series X/S consoles,” and that, “Everyone gets to benefit from the improvements we’re making, across generations!”

The new user interface is just the latest step in the company’s push towards making Xbox less like a traditional platform based around a single console, and more of an ecosystem designed to be accessed from multiple devices.

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