Deal with Wardrobe Malfunctions in the upcoming Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock

Lights! Camera! Scalpel? SEGA and Two Point Studios have a pretty amusing sounding DLC on the way with Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock.

An artistic crisis is taking over Two Point County. Since culture is drying up and a once vibrant arts scene is fading. SEGA Europe Ltd. and Two Point Studios Ltd. are calling upon all Two Point Hospital fans to help. Maybe even find a cure the ailing culture of Two Point County in the all new expansion ‘Culture Shock’.

The content will be released on October 20th and will be priced at £8.99. However, anyone who buys the content before October 27th will get a 10% discount.

Join Two Point County’s most devoted artist Zara Fitzpocket on her quest to save the world of arts.

In Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock players will experience a new world. One of lavish lifestyles, movie stars, festivals and of course, a party hospital. Players can live out their wildest dreams as they team up with the County’s very own celebs.

Plus, deal with troublesome staff and cure all sorts of new and unusual illnesses. These new illnesses will include some nicely themed issues like: Stunt Trouble, Wardrobe Malfunction, Writer’s Block, Square Eyes, Fourthwall Problem and Stage Hand.

You can watch the announcement trailer below:

“Face televisual shenanigans at Plywood Studios as you look to launch a hit medical drama with washed-up film star Roderick Cushion. Head to Mudbury Festival and grab lyrical headlines with musical headliners while serving burgers from questionable vans. Finally, savour the affluent aromas of high society life at Zara’s very own Fitzpocket Academy. Socialise, hobnob, and boost that VIBE darling, because if you don’t who will?”

Culture Shock has the most (36!) new illnesses featured in any Two Point Hospital DLC yet.

Feature Highlights:

3 fabulous new locations

3 new, fully animated cure machines

12 new visual illnesses

36 new illnesses in total

New gameplay

New music, DJ and tannoy lines

Make sure to check out the new Fancy Dress Item Pack too. Where tangy outfits, outrageous hats and diagnosed wizards are the new normal. The Fancy Dress Item Pack includes 23 outfits, headwear and items; it’ll be available on October 20th. You’ll also be able to claim a free Zombie costume.

Buy Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock on Steam and Humble Store.

If you sign up for the Hospital Pass newsletter at, you’ll receive the coveted in-game item, the Golden Bathroom Suite.

Source: SEGA Europe Ltd.

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