Killer Queen Black update out now

The 1.63 update has gone live for Killer Queen Black. It includes a number of additions, notably a community-requested spectate feature.

The full patch notes are below:

  • Spectate custom matches from the friend list or via a spectate code.
  • Custom match rule modifiers now available.
  • Region select will now ONLY place you in your selected region.
  • In game ping menu has been redesigned to show region and spectators.
  • Emote and dance on Meet Thy Family.
  • Emote in post-match. 
  • Added an option to block emotes and pings in game.
  • In game menus have been updated to allow you to set privacy permissions, adjust audio, enable voice chat, and change your input configuration.
  • A snail eat will now be counted as a kill for the rider.
  • Snail riders can now jump off the snail in one of three directions; front, up, and behind.
  • Quick Play matches will now start with only one player.
  • Quick Play will now allow a match with an AI queen if you choose runner as your preferred role.
  • AI movement updates.
  • Collider and physics updates to smooth out bumps.
  • Switch performance improvements.
  • UI animation updates.
  • Many misc bug fixes.
  • Map Changes:
    • Added a 6th berry pile back to Helix. While the tension leading up to famines that the previous version enabled was very exciting, the famines themselves were both far too frequent and boring for everyone except the queens and any remaining warriors. We’ll be continuing to monitor famines across all maps and considering what, if any, mechanical changes to the game might fit best for famines in KQB.
    • Added a gun and removed the shield on Spire. Gun is underrepresented generally among the 7 maps, and this change should open up exciting new opportunities for play, especially in the bottom half of the map and the hives.

Source: Liquid Bit Games

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