What we been playing this week!

Welcome to our third week of what the staff here at GamingSquare have been playing this week. Share with us what you have been playing too in the comments below!

Super Widzy

I have been playing nothing but FIFA 21 when the Ultimate/Champions Edition launched on Tuesday. I just need Aubameyang for my FUT and I will be on my way!


I’ve been playing ACNH… Look, I’m very committed to getting those decorations right! Also, some Pokémon Shield to fill up my Dex.


I’ve been diving back into Animal Crossing New Horizons in search of a perfect Halloween costume! Lady Detective, or Lavender Mage – I can’t make my mind up, but there’s plenty of time until the spookiness begins!


I have been playing Star Wars Squadrons with intermittent bouts of Super Mario Bros. 35 and Alien Isolation.


This weekend I’ve been playing Stories Untold, an interesting and eerie collection of intertwined stories that end in tragedy.


Been playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth mainly and also continuing to decorate on ACNH of course.

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