Partisans 1941 Review (PC)

  • Genre: Strategy, Real-Time Tactics, Action, Resource Management
  • Platforms: Steam
  • Developer | Publisher: Alter Games | Daedalic Entertainment
  • Age Rating: TBC
  • Price: UK £25.99
  • Release Date: 14th October 2020

Review code used, with many thanks to Renaissance PR!

In Partisans 1941 you play as a Red Army commander in World War II, stuck behind enemy lines on the Eastern Front. Gather more Partisans and use guerrilla warfare against the German occupants.


Play as Commander Alexey Zorin as you gain new Partisans as you journey forward. Meeting Sanek and Fetisov will give you a squad of three to use as you progress. Sanek is a local lad of 14, just wanting to stop the German invasion into his homeland. Fetisov is also part of the army, and is glad to be back fighting the good fight. Continue on and find more Partisans just waiting to join your team and fight against the German invaders.


Partisans 1941 brings a fun approach on the gameplay it involves. Using the real-time tactics, own the way forward with your way of playing. Use a mixture of stealth, combat, ambushes and a variety of special items to astound the enemies ahead of you.

The use of tactical mode is very helpful, being able to slow down time to figure out your next move in the middle of a fight is so fantastic a mechanic.

I have to admit, this game was harder than I could ever have expected; even on easy mode I’m really having to think about how to move forward, how to dodge that enemy or how to not get caught. Even the resource management in the camp takes some thinking, do I need food, materials, weapons, ammo or morale??

Speaking of the camp, it’s all on you to decide what gets built, what gets searched for or what missions you want to send your allies on. The only time you don’t get to decide what to spend your time on is when there is a story mission. Story missions are at a set time and your people will be automatically set to go.

Graphics, Sound and Performance

The graphics are pretty realistic, which I guess you’d hope for in a historical war game. The characters are fleshed out well, and really well designed. The scenery is beautiful, and the use of the scenery is a great mechanic for Partisans 1941.

My only issue with the sound is that no matter what you set the audio to in game, the opening is always at it’s full volume, which can catch me off guard.


Ok, so I touched on this briefly earlier, and wow, just wow. This game is incredibly difficult to a novice like me. I’m used to turn-based RPGs, so having real-time tactics took some getting used to. Even on easy, I am having to take my time to figure out the best way forward in missions, and even use trial and error to make the best moves I can.
I am stuck in a mission at the moment, but I will get past it, I am determined to push forward once again.

You can choose between three difficulty settings at the start of a New Game.
Easy mode, which is the recommended difficulty for a first playthrough.
Normal mode, which makes you and enemies have lower health, which in turn makes every combat even more dangerous than before, and dogs will be more dangerous again.
Hard mode, now your comrades can die if you don’t treat their wounds in time, you also can no longer save during missions and tactical mode will no longer slow time.


The gameplay makes Partisans 1941 worth playing for anyone that enjoys a challenge and to think about the moves they make in a game. I’m sure the story will attract fans of historical war games, and it might take others by surprise by how much they enjoy or get invested in the story. It’s a good game for when you want to challenge your brain into thinking in the ways it pushes you to think, and noticing any out of the box ways to complete missions.

An interesting war story played out with fun and interesting mechanics makes for a good, albeit challenging game.

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