What we been playing this week!

Hello, once again another week of what we have been playing this week!


Been playing a bit of Star Wars Squadrons and Super Mario 3D All Stars. Great games!


This week I’ve been playing Man of Medan. I really enjoy the fact that your choices can effect the fate of the characters.


ACNH: Pumpkins! Really loving this new feature and I’m starting to decorate the island for Halloween. PKMN Shield: Getting ready for the Crown Tundra. I’m really looking forward to it!


Animal Crossing: Loving the Halloween stuff, getting the island ready for the party. Nexomon Extinction: Playing with the newest patch, loving the story and Mons.


What I’m playing this week: Star Wars Squadrons with intermittent bouts of Super Mario Bros. 35 and Alien Isolation.


Ys Origin has taken up my week, and deserves it! It’s a simple but addictive game that shows everything good about the genre (except cutscene graphics). What free time I’ve had has gone into Collar x Malice, a visual novel with a cool premise and interesting cast of characters.

Share with us what you been playing this week in the comments below!

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