AbleGamers #Unlocktober 2020 gaming accessibility fundraiser underway

It’s October, which means the leaves turn lovely colours, there’s that pre-winter chill in the air, and disabled gaming charity AbleGamers is doing its #Unlocktober fundraising drive.

For this month, the goal is simple: help Ablegamers raise one million dollars over the next four weeks and change. A non-profit founded in 2004, the organisation has helped countless people with all sorts of disabilities and conditions to play games, pushing boundaries for accessibility, and inclusivity, in the games industry. Obviously this isn’t a cheap endeavour by any stretch, hence efforts like this to generate outreach and collaboration.

“There are millions of people with disabilities who can’t play videogames without expensive, specialised equipment. The AbleGamers Charity helps gamers with disabilities by providing that equipment, free of charge,” reads a statement on Tiltify. “But we can’t do it without YOU. Help us help others: a day of gaming for you could mean a lifetime of gaming for someone else!”

Thankfully, accessibility is becoming a wider concern in the industry, publishers and developers improving the in-game features and releasing them up-front so disabled players know what they’re getting into. Companies are making adaptive gaming kits for controllers, spurred on by Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, a standard-setting piece of hardware.

AbleGamers have also helped set up a database for disabled players to send feedback to developers on what needs changing, to help the discussion remain open, honest, and forward-thinking.

You can find the link for #Unlocktober here, and you can make a donation here.

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