Play more classics including one from 1976 with a new ScummVM release

ScummVM, the awesome all-in-one solution for playing tons of classic adventure and RPGs has a brand new release available.

Release 2.2.0 “Interactive Fantasy” is out, which expands the games supported and it’s quite the history lesson. One of the noteworthy titles they mention that’s newly supported is Colossal Cave Adventure, which originally released in 1976 and is known as the first work of interactive fiction in gaming.

Their support of other interactive fiction games expanded dramatically too as they pulled in support for more game engines like ADRIFT, AdvSys, AGT, Level 9, ZCode and more. They said this has given ScummVM support for around 1,600 more titles.

Other newly added games include:

  • Blazing Dragons
  • Eye of the Beholder – Sega CD version
  • Griffon Legend
  • Interactive Fiction games
  • Operation Stealth
  • Police Quest: SWAT
  • Prince and the Coward, English translation
  • Ultima IV – Quest of the Avatar
  • Ultima VI – The False Prophet
  • Ultima VIII – Pagan

Reminder: some games need the data files of games still sold; you can find a few classics on

On top of that they added autosave support for all the game engines, improvements to the keymapper, on Linux you can now flick an option to use the native file browser instead of their own, errors are now more likely to throw up a debugger so you can report issues better rather than just crash and more smaller fixes everywhere.

See the release notes here.

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