With an incredible neon style, Vecter is an infinite racing-shooter that is now on Linux

Vecter from developer Taranasus is a free infinite racing game all about lasting as long as possible and destroying anything in your way.

The idea in Vecter is that it constantly tries to destroy you while you race. There’s obstacles, enemies, power-ups sometimes to help and more on the way as it’s further developed. 

After launching into Early Access in November 2019, it’s now officially on Linux too. The developer mentioned in their release announcement how they’re actually using Linux themselves as Manjaro is the main distro on their laptop. 

There is a small difference in the Linux build, which is how it won’t play YouTube videos because for some reason Unity is really lagging behind on cross-platform codec support. Linux with Unity is still only able to use three video codecs. Hopefully one day the Unity team can sort that, as it keeps causing issues. Apart from that, it seems to work perfectly.

A fun little detail went into the leaderboard, as they added in platform icons. I really love little things like this:

There’s another feature included that allows you to change the colours of everything; for people who are colour blind this is a brilliant inclusion.

While it’s currently in Early Access they have said a full release is planned for October 15. You can play it right now officially on Linux direct from Steam.

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