Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity — Everything revealed at Tokyo Game Show and Game Live Japan 2020

Saturday and Sunday (September 26th and 27th) were big days for Zelda fans, with lots of new details about the upcoming Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity revealed in Koei Tecmo’s Tokyo Game Show 2020 livestream.

You can watch the trailer and gameplay footage here.

Thanks to GameXplain and pepsaurus, we now have an English subtitled version of the gameplay footage. You can watch that below.

You can watch the full 50 minutes of the Hyrule Warriors segment below.

Hyrule Warrior: Age of Calamity TGS stream

Included in the segment were a brand new trailer, a closer look at the Treasure Box goodies, and lots of newly confirmed characters.

Key Facts:

  • The development team heavily focused on recreating Hyrule 100 years before the events of Breath Of The Wild and wanted to reflect this in the world’s design.
  • There was strict guidance from the main Zelda team during development.
  • There will be separate playstyles for different characters. More characters will be shown off in the future, such as Young Impa being showcased recently.
  • The development team avoided answering many questions during the live stream, as the game is heavily story based and they didn’t want to spoil anything.
  • They combined the styles of both Hyrule Warriors and Breath of the Wild to create Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.
  • When all development on Hyrule Warriors ended, Koei Tecmo thought that would be the end of Hyrule Warriors as a whole as the team was finally able to fulfil the “festival” theme they were going for. Following this, Eiji Aonuma himself then approached the team on the opportunity to create this prequel to Breath Of The Wild.

Read on for all the details.

After we saw a large portion of Link’s gameplay reveal, we were given a closer look at the Japanese “Treasure Box Edition” of the game.

A closer look at the acrylic art plate and metal Guardian charm.
A closer look at the blanket based on Link’s parasail.

This edition looks like a must-have for any Zelda fan! We’re hoping that Western territories get a special edition, but nothing has been confirmed. In Japan, this retails for 16,720 yen and will launch alongside the game on November 20.

As part of Koei Tecmo’s presentation, several new pieces of artwork were revealed for some of the characters that we’ll be able to take into battle.

Official artwork for Link and Princess Zelda was released following the game’s debut, and today we got to see the four Champions and a young Impa.

Wielding kunai and an Eightfold Blade, this youthful version of Impa is ready for battle.
Daruk is just as jolly and brawny as ever, safe within his Daruk’s Protection shield.
Mipha commands water while using her Lightscale Trident.
Revali will be going airborne to pick off targets with his Great Eagle Bow.
Urbosa calls down lightning to cut through foes.

Here’s some news that really excited us at Gaming Square. Impa, legendary Sheikah and Kakariko Village elder, will be a playable character!

Impa has lots of cool special moves in Age of Calamity. Aside from her regular sword-and shield work, Impa seems to use a power similar to the Yiga Footsoldiers that often waylay innocent travelers around Hyrule. This power can be utilized to throw enemies away from her and cause them to catch fire as they impact the ground.

Impa’s clones targeting a Wizrobe.

Impa, Young Sidon, King Dorephan, and the Deku Tree will appear in Age of Calamity.

As already mentioned, Impa was revealed to be a playable character in Age of Calamity. In the trailer, Impa can first be seen traveling to Death Mountain with Link, Zelda, and Daruk. She is seen twice more in the trailer: First when Link, Zelda, and Impa speak with Urbosa, and again when Zelda and she are surprised by a tremor that shakes the ground.

A young Prince Sidon can be seen sharing a tender moment with his sister, Mipha, during her segment in the trailer. The two siblings hug each other on the bank of a river.

King Dorephan, Mipha’s father, is seen immediately after Sidon. In the scene, Mipha and Zelda stand before the king in his throne room as some Zoras stand and witness their conversation.

The last character shown was The Great Deku Tree, who appears near the end of the trailer. The four champions and Princess Zelda stand before him in the Lost Woods as the Deku Tree relays words of encouragement to them.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity cutscene shows the power of the mysterious ‘egg’ Guardian.

R2-D2, is that you?

During the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity gameplay segment, the footage featured an interesting cutscene from the game, teasing new elements of the story.

Prominently featured in this scene is the mysterious little egg-like Guardian previously seen on official artwork and on the metal charm included in the Treasure Box edition of the game. The scene begins with Link encountering the little blighter as he remains dormant, butterflies resting upon it. The peaceful moment is quickly interrupted as a horde of Bokoblins are seen chasing the newly revealed Impa, and in her panic, she trips and a Sheikah Slate hurtles out of her hands. Link catches the Slate, and the Egg Guardian awakens as it falls within his proximity.

We then catch a glimpse of the little creature’s powers, with a Sheikah Tower emerging rapidly from the ground and stopping the incoming enemies in their tracks. As Link and Impa stand in awe, the little Guardian makes some adorable, droid-like noises, and the scene comes to a close. As the footage cuts back to gameplay, the creature follows Link around in his adventure.

You can watch the full cutscene unfold in the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity TGS stream, from the 1:18:40 mark.

We were given an in-depth look at the combat abilities Link will have at his disposal.

Link taking on hordes of Bokoblins — other enemies are available.

Link’s primary attacks will involve the use of his sword and other melee weapons. During the livestream, Link cut down hordes of enemies by using a number of sword-attack combos. This included combos involving regular sword slashes and the spin attack.

Along sword attacks came Link’s ability to ram into enemies while shield surfing. After gaining enough momentum, Link can hop onto his shield and slide at full speed into a cluster of enemies to knock them away with ease.

Link’s last regular weapon shown was his bow. With the bow, Link can fire numerous arrows quickly in a straight line or in a spread. He can do so while on the ground or in the air.

Link was also shown to have the use of the Sheikah Slate, with multiple runes being able to deliver devastating attacks. One of these was Cryonis, which summons a block of ice that both creates a platform for Link and knocks nearby enemies away.

Bombs were also present. When Link uses the Bomb Rune, time slows down, which grants him time to throw a flurry of bombs at enemies in quick succession. Link can use the bombs to destroy enemies at either close range or from a distance.

Dialogue in the trailer teases the potential role of Divine Beasts in Age of Calamity; official mentions of the Divine Beasts from Breath of the Wild were confirmed in the English translation of the story trailer. That’s no surprise coming from a prequel to Breath of the Wild, but it does raise questions as to what the role of the Divine Beasts in Age of Calamity will be.

Could the Divine Beasts become strongholds that must be defended, or possibly superpowered mecha-weapons on the battlefield?

The Age of Calamity stream shows off returning enemies from Breath of the Wild; there will be a return of many of the same enemies from Breath of the Wild, similarly to how the original Hyrule Warriors featured enemy designs from various Zelda games. While Bokoblins are featured heavily in the trailer as basic enemies to be mown down, the demo and trailer also show some more threatening foes.

Bokoblins in their red and blue variants can be seen in the game demonstration as well as black variants briefly in the trailer. We also see Link fighting several “Big Bokoblins” in the demo, who are guarding certain areas of the map.

Fire, ice, and electric Lizalfos can all be seen in the trailer being fought by various Champions as well, confirming the return of the elemental foes and possibly other similar elemental mechanics from Breath of the Wild. In the previous Hyrule Warriors, maps had different elemental affinities that described the enemies, so the various elemental enemies will most likely be found on their respective maps. The maps shown in these pictures appear to be Death Mountain, Gerudo Desert, and possibly either Rito Village or a nearby area such as the Hebra Mountains.

In the trailer, we briefly see Stalkoblins, Stalizalfos, and Stalmoblins appear, which might indicate a reflection of the day/night cycle mechanics from Breath of the Wild.

Giant enemies such as an Igneo Talus and Hinoxes are confirmed to appear in Age of Calamity in the new trailer. Zelda is also featured fighting a Lynel, and Mipha is shown fighting a Guardian. These might just be strong enemies, or perhaps something similar to the Giant Bosses in the original title.

Other enemies include a Red Moblin fought by Link in the demo, as well as a Wizzrobe that Impa is featured fighting. The Wizzrobe shown is a Fire Wizzrobe. In addition, we see Urbosa fighting the Yiga Clan alongside a group of Gerudo soldiers in the trailer, indicating that the Yiga will be another enemy to contend with on certain maps.

With what we have seen so far, it seems like nothing is being left off the table when it comes to putting all of the enemies from Breath of the Wild into Age of Calamity.

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