Microsoft Japan announces that it is cutting the Xbox Series S price in Japan by 3,000 yen

Microsoft has decided to change the price of the Xbox Series S in Japan. The next-gen console was originally going to retail for 32,980 yen (roughly £246/$313), but that’s now been revised down to 29,980 yen (roughly £224/$284).

Microsoft didn’t give a reason for the last-minute change. However, the standard Nintendo Switch also costs 29,980 yen. Price matching could make it easier for Microsoft to tempt people who might have been considering Nintendo’s portable-console hybrid this winter.

The Series S is also cheaper than the PS5, which will cost 49,980 yen (roughly £373/$474) with a disc drive and 39,980 yen (roughly £298/$379) without.

Players in Japan won’t have to wait like they did at the start of the last console generation, as Microsoft is releasing both the Series S and Series X worldwide on November 10th.

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