Give tiny countries a resource transport network in the upcoming Mini Countries

Mini Countries from Yheeky Games looks like a fresh take on the transport-network puzzle strategy system.

With each level being a new miniaturised country that you need to build up.

What they’ve created looks like a very unique blend of ideas in other games such as Rise of Industry, Train Valley 2 and the like. Although, the developer cited inspiration from others like Mini Metro. You’re responsible for building up your industry in each tiny country, and getting a network of it all going. Looks like a very sweet and streamlined approach to it.

Check out the first trailer:


  • Build trade buildings to produce resources in your country
  • Make sufficient storage buildings available
  • Transport resources from storage buildings to demanding cities
  • Choose new items each month to bring your city forward
  • Note different seasons, because not all resources can always be produced
  • Upgrade resources by constructing industry buildings
  • Import resources which are not produced in your country
  • Export resources to generate knowledge
  • Integrate famous landmarks into your country
  • Decide on one branch for the development of your cities: Workers’ cities allow trade and industry buildings to produce resources faster and science cities improve the growth rate and thus the generation of further knowledge points
  • Plan your resource production according to different seasons

You can follow and wishlist it on Steam.

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