PS5 pre-order chaos sparks scalper scramble

As reported over on Eurogamer, pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 have been a bit of a mess – and scalpers are taking advantage.

Social media is flooded with complaints from angry customers who either couldn’t secure a PS5 pre-order, or who thought they had one but don’t.

The situation is so bad, the mainstream press has taken notice with national newspapers focusing on the “gamer fury” angle.

In a statement issued on Saturday regarding the whole pre-order fiasco, PlayStation apologised for the way the PlayStation 5 pre-orders were handled and said that we’ll see more consoles available soon through different retailers. There will also be more available throughout the end of the year.

The statement from PlayStation was shared on Twitter on Saturday to address how things have gone so far.

Here’s the statement in full:

PlayStation 5 pre-orders have gone as quickly as they arrived, but that’ll hopefully change soon whenever the consoles are restocked through different retailers.

We’ll more share PS5 preorder details as soon as we get them.

Updated: 21:15, 19th September 2020, to include PlayStation’s statement.

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