Project Cars 3 Review (PS4)

  • Genre: Racing
  • Developer|Publisher: Slightly Mad Studios, Bandai Namco
  • Age Rating: PEGI 3 | ESRB E
  • Price: UK £49.99 | US $59.99
  • Release Date: 28th of August 2020

We was not given a review code for Project Cars 3. I have purchased the game myself and have given a full comphrensive review of Project Cars 3 on the Playstation 4.

Project Cars 3 is the spiriutal successor of Need For Speed Shift Unleashed which Slightly Mad Studios developed before Project Cars and teaming up with Bandai Namco.


Project Cars 3 is a racing sim, yet drives like a arcade racer. It has the categories such as Road to GT and bonus. The road category will have players race around specific themes such as Japanese roots or Road E Specials which will have vehicle requirements. When you level up, especially manufacturer level which will give players upgrade discounts by upto 5% for example. You can upgrade the cars you have brought from the showroom and change their class type to participate in other events which of course you wouldnt been able to do. Let the V-Tec kick in bro… Car joke there.

For the bonus: invitationals and challenges. You can either pay to unlock and compete or hit the required challenge to unlock. These can both be achieved via career mode, so dont waste that money where you can purchase more cars, upgrades etc instead.

In the showroom there is many, many cars to get. From Road E to Indycar, so much variety it makes me feel like a child in a toy shop or candy shop, whatever suits, it applies here. You can unlock more cars available to purchase by increasing your driver level, again achievable via career mode.

The car physics compared to other games such as Forza, Gran Turismo for example. You will simply say both Forza and GT are better and they are. The previous Project Cars games were hit and miss. I feel as if Slightly Mad has got Project Cars 3 exactly right this time in terms of the content, menu layout (personal bugbite from previous PC games) and being something it isnt. However… Going back to the Shift Unleashed roots has probably brought some uncontenional changes to Project Cars and heavily being just that, Unleashed 3 instead. The whole feel of racing in Project Cars 3 is arcade than real sim, yet packaged as a racing sim to compete with the likes of forza, GT, assetto corsa and the list continues.

By simply tapping the LT to brake, you can drift just like that of Need For Speed Heat or throw the left stick either right or left, you can drift as well, providing you are putting some gas down. The infamous perfect cornering icons return to help those to get like it says, perfect corner i.e. the perfect racing line per track. Not a bad thing, rather a good mechanic which can really help when you want to play with more of a challenge or take it into online.

Graphics, sound and performance

The visuals for PC3 can be somewhat, yikes. In some cases they are brilliant, especailly in the showroom of the car models. Realistic and what you would expect in real life, very detailed to the real thing. When you are racing I did experience some framerate issues and the visuals looked very PS2 as well, which was very disappointing to see in a videogame well into the PS4 era. The lightning off the cars are horrendous, if you want a perfect example of how to do it take a leaf out of Forza and GT book.

The cars sound ok, no issues really to report. Nothing like hearing a V6 or V8 engine dropping into 2nd gear and bouncing it off the limiter per gear to get that nice roar of the engine via the exhaust.

Performance wise of the game as previously said about framerate issues now and then, nothing else I didnt really encounter. Playing online has been ok so far, some minor hiccups as expected, but not game breaking.


Project Cars 3 is a fun game to play regardless of its flaws. It fills the gap where I just want to hop into another race straight after the other than having to travel to the other side of the map in open world racing games for example. Plenty of things to do to keep you engaged such as the ingame objectives to earn xp and finish challenges to unlock the bonus races etc. If you are looking for a proper racing sim to set up your steering wheel, then I would look elsewhere. That isnt to say PC3 isnt playable as it certainly is playable, its more of a chill and play without having to try too hard in the process to win and just have fun.


Being the spiriutal sucessor to NFS Shift Unleashed may of tainted the direction where PC3 was heading. The previous games were screaming real sim and being the car nut enthusiast go too racing game. Instead, we got a fun racing game to play, but disguised as NFS Shift Unleashed 3 with Project Cars 3 slapped over it.


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