Gaming Square Exclusive – Jon St John Interview

We got in contact with the legend Jon St John, who is the voice of Duke Nukem, Big The Cat from Sonic The Hedgehog and several other voicing acting credits behind his name.

SWThanks for agreeing to doing the interview with us. How are you keeping in these unprecedented times?

JSJ – I’m doing alright. Having worked from a home recording studio for many years, I am well accustomed to being at home a lot, so I’ve been producing a Jazz Album for a local band known as Velvet Sushi, I’ve done some home remodeling, I have created a Duke Puppet which is making a bit of a splash on social media…so yeah, I’m kind of keeping busy! 

SW – So, how did the puppet Duke Nukem come about? I, for one have found it hilarious and a welcome break, plus its Duke Nukem of course.

JSJAbout six weeks ago I saw something about the Muppets while channel surfing towards news headlines, and it just hit me. How ridiculous would a Duke Nukem puppet be? I call it a Duppet, so as not to conjure up legal troubles with the Jim Henson company. Immediately I began thinking up ways to get him on camera, and my Daily Duke Quotes was a quick and easy way to get started. I’m hoping to get more exposure and another outlet for him soon.

SWSpeaking of Duke Nukem, how do you feel about the character? I know its the role that you are renowned with in the videogame world and of course Big The Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog! Do you feel Duke deserves more love? 

JSJMaybe from developers, but certainly not from fans and gamers! I am so pleased with the number of followers who can’t get enough Duke in ’em! I think this iconic character is more than deserving of a hot, new game. But as a voice actor, oddly enough, I have no voice when it comes to creating and publishing a new game. That’s a job for the big boys making the big bucks, not me.

SWBig The Cat, how did that role come about?

JSJIt was forced upon me by one Lani Minella! (jk) Lani called me one day and asked if I would like a role in the new Sonic Adventures game which she was casting. Of course I said yes…I didn’t see any artwork or know anything about the character prior to the session date. When I arrived at the studio, many of the other voice actors in the game…Ryan Drummond, Jennifer Doullard, etc. were hanging out waiting to go into the booth when Lani steps out and hands me a picture and said “…He’s a cat. A big. Stupid. Cat.”  When my turn in the booth came up, I spoke in the dumbest voice I’ve ever done…and they loved it.

SW – How many lines did you improve for Duke or did they come naturally? As we all know, Duke has some brilliant one liners.

JSJThey were all written for me. In DNF all of those risque lines were written by two women. The only extra thing I contributed was changing the expression DoucheBag, to Douche Nozzel…because as my son explained at the time…”that’s the dirtier part of the douche system.”  Today I’m actually quite proud of that young man.

SWWhat would be the first thing Duke would say to Trump if he found him sitting in his chair?

JSJ“I’m about to rip off your head and shit down your neck….or maybe…your face, your ass…what’s the difference?

SWAnd finally, is there anything you know which you can share about the latest with Duke Nukem?  

JSJOnly that my Duppet Duke is available on Cameo via my profile: …he will also be appearing on my Tequila Tuesday weekly zoom meetups:  (we do these at 7PM Eastern US time zone/4PM Pacific every Tuesday)…and if you want to cruise with the King, my fan convention KingCon Cruise is next March 1-5, 2021 from Orlando, Florida to the Bahamas for 4 nights of adventures with voice actor guests: Richard Epcar, Wes Johnson, Ellyn Stern, DC Douglas, and more. Check us out at: 

I would like to personally thank Jon St John for allowing us to contact him, much appreciated Jon!

We hope you enjoyed reading the interview with Jon St John! Stay tuned for more features in the future.

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